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Hunter Podiatry Services has been providing solutions for foot and ankle problems to the people of Maitland and the Hunter Valley for over 30 years and offer over 50 years in collective experience and podiatric knowledge.

The team at Hunter Podiatry Services are passionate about providing the highest standards of care and management solutions to all foot, ankle and lower limb problems.

All of our podiatrists regularly attend education workshops and seminars in order to stay abreast of the most up-to-date and cutting edge international advances in podiatric treatments.

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Some of Our Most Recent Staff Credentials
  • Attendance to the NSW Paediatric Symposium (2017)
  • Accredited in the use and application of Mulligans Mobilisation Technique of the lower limb (2017)
  • Winner of the Hunter Local Business Awards (Health Improvement Services, 2016)
  • Attendance to the Australian Sports Medicine conference, Melbourne (2016)
  • Accredited in Dry Needling of the lower limb (2016)
  • Attendance to Running Rehabilitation: Running retraing, exercise and performance (2016)
  • Attendance to Clinical Biomechanics Workshop (2016)
  • Attendance to the International Foot and Ankle Foundation Seminar; Paris (2013)
  • Consultants for the development of the Health Pathways management plan for GP’s and Health Professionals (2013)
  • Attendance to the Australian Podiatry Association National conference (2013)
  • Accredited for the use and application of 1064nm Laser for Onychomycosis (2013)
  • Accredited for the use and application of Extracorpreal Shoc Wave Therapy (2013)
  • Attendance to the Australian College of Podiatric Surgeons Foot and Ankle Insight conference (2012)
  • Attendance to the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW) Biennial conference (2012)
  • Attendance to the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine Sydney Conference (2012)
A Philosophy of Exceptional Service
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We embrace the philosophy of exceptional service with cross referral and interaction with other health professionals to offer you the best solutions in podiatric management, keeping you pain free and optimizing your foot health and general wellbeing.

Our Podiatry centres have established strong professional relationships with the region’s General Practitioners, Surgeons, Osteopaths, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic and Rheumatology specialists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage therapists, Paediatricians and paediatric OT’s.

We believe in treating you, as the patient, not just the foot. These strong professional networks allow for the highest standards in collaborative care and well being.

Hunter Podiatry Services maintains the best treatment outcomes result from thorough consultation and questioning coupled with the latest technology in diagnostics and biomechanical analysis (the science of human movements).

Once we have diagnosed your complaint one of our highly qualified podiatrists will offer “gold standard” evidence based treatment protocols to have you back on your feet and pain free in the shortest practical time frame.

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