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Shockwave therapy uses shockwaves to reduce pain and stimulate healing. It works fantastically for the dreaded plantar heel pain or plantar fasciitis. Usually 3-4 treatment, combined with other interventions and strengthening shows great results for nasty heel pain.

Laser for fungal nail

Nobody likes fungal nails. The infections are persistent and treatment is typically difficult, taking up to 12 months or longer. Laser nail therapy is a great alternative to tinctures, tablets and creams. Over 2 treatments less than half an hour, the laser uses heat to stop fungus in its tracks and allow the healthy nail to slowly grow out.

3D scanned and printed Foot orthotics

Orthotics are a great tool for changing force. Whether that be to help children participate with their mates or to manage an angry tendon, which is being overused. We work closely with our orthotic lab to design and manufacture your 3D printed orthotic devices. This relationship enables incredible quality and accuracy as well as being a more environmentally sustainable solution to the traditional manufacturing process.  The 3d process results in over a 99% reduction in waste compared to milled polypropylene orthotic devices. Not only are our 3D printed orthotics good for the environment, they’re lighter, thinner and stronger than ever.

Scan mate

During the process of orthotic design, capturing the position of the foot is crucial. We have adopted the use of the ScanMate to improve therapy outcomes and reliability the industrys first patented jig that holds the foot in the “neutral” position; cruical for the design process that our clinican’s base the orthotic prescription off. Hunter Podiatry has been part of the design process and testing the prototypes of the ScanMateand making sure they help create an awesome orthotic outcome.