Back Pain and the Feet

Category: Podiatry

Your lower back pain may be caused by misalignment of your feet – it’s very commonly seen and treated by us. As health professionals, Podiatrists specialise in the biomechanics of the foot and lower limb, we can help diagnose and treat your back pain.

Take a look at your feet and ask yourself these questions;

  • back-painDoes one side of your shoe wear out before the other?
  • Are your toes crooked?
  • Do your feet point in or out excessively when you walk?
  • Do you suffer from heel pain, knee pain or shin pain in addition to your back pain?
  • Do your feet hurt in general?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, the pain in your lower back may be due to poor foot alignment.

The main function of your feet is to act as shock absorbers as you shift your weight with each step you take. Structural problems, such as your feet rolling inward, called over pronation, can cause problems all the way up to your back.

Through a biomechanical assessment our podiatrists can identify if your pronation is within the normal range or if it is abnormal and causing your symptoms.

If your lower back pain is caused by poor foot alignment or overpronation, then foot orthotics to improve foot posture is the best long term podiatric treatment option for addressing the cause of foot related lower back pain.