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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Your Feet Hurt
Sore feet can be debilitating. They can change your life and make even the most simple day to day tasks difficult and unpleasant. So it’s quite normal (especially if you’ve been in pain for a while) to try anything to make them feel better! But sometimes, in spite of your best intentions, you can actually be doing more harm than…
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Ankle Mythbusters
Hey guys, Jas and Luke here! Welcome to the first of a three part series for busting myths of the lower limb. Over the next few weeks we’ll be running you through a couple of myths for the ankle, knee and hip. For those of you who don’t know, Jas is a physiotherapist at Terrace Physio Plus (TPP). Here at…
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These Boots Were Made for Walking…and for Just About Everything Else!
With such a massive selection of work boots available these days, it can be really hard to navigate your way around to finding the best one. And in reality, there’s not really one best boot – it’s more the best boot for your particular foot and your particular needs.  So, to try to make it a bit easier for you,…
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Active kids with sore heels
When I was a kid, both of my parents were trained nurses so to get a day off school was next to impossible. In fact, I heated up a thermometer under boiling water once just to prove I had a temperature! But as it turns out, having a temperature of over 50° and still be functioning is pretty hard to…
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Why do my toenails look weird?
As a podiatrist, it’s something I get asked a lot! And the truth is, there are quite a few reasons why your nails might be looking weird so I’m going to go through a few of them for you; including some ideas for how to deal with those unique nails! There are 4 basic reasons why nails change; microtrauma (small…
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