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  • Achilles Pain

    Do you suffer from a painful Achilles? Do you have stiffness, burning, tenderness or swelling of the area above your heel? You may notice it when you stretch your ankle or stand on your toes. Don’t under estimate Achilles pain! It is an area that can cause severe debilitation. At Hunter Podiatry we enjoy treating […]

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  • Little Athletics is just around the corner

    LITTLE A’S and YOUR FEET   As little Athletics season opens up we thought some simple tips and tricks to keep your kids happy and healthy are in order! As Podiatrists at HPS, we see a vast array of lower limb injuries at this time of year. The fact is, running, jumping, landing and throwing […]

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  • STEIGEN socks review

    PUT A SOCK IN IT…BUT NOT ANY SOCK! We all have them. Can’t live without them…and even when they get holes or stretch and just don’t fit, we still can’t find the strength to toss them. At PURE PERFORMANCE we know how important socks are! These days you might find people running around in an unfamiliar name […]

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  • Corn or Wart??

    Warts and Corns – What They Are and How to tell the difference. Words by Kristen Stone, Podiatrist Hunter Podiatry Services. Have you ever had a sore spot under your foot or on your toes? Or a patch of hard skin that you can’t seem to get rid of? There’s a good chance that you’ve had […]

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  • Who should I see if I sprain my ankle?

    Who saw Tony Finau’s ankle give way at the US Masters overnight? Below is a short clip for all of you who didn’t Ankle sprains are common. One of the most common injuries sustained on the sporting field. But who should you see if you sprain your ankle? Being podiatrists we are a little biased […]

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  • We are coming to Newcastle

    As of the 29th of March Hunter Podiatry Services will be able to offer their expertise in all things foot, ankle and lower limb related to the people of Newcastle. We have joined forces with Dr Neil Halpin (sports physician) and his talented staff at Mcdonald Jones Stadium, 294 Turton Road, New Lambton. Justin Smith […]

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