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Around the grounds with sporting injuries
It’s been great to see professional sports back in action over the past couple of months and as always, there are some interesting injuries that have occured. As a Podiatrist I see a wide variety of different injuries, both chronic and acute, so I’d like to share some parts of what I can see in the clinic. I’ll cover a…
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Netball shoes – what’s going to work for me?
Welcome to part two of the netball shoes series! If you haven’t caught part one I’d definitely encourage you to check it out before we get into part two. Previously we spoke about the key differences between netball shoes and running shoes, and why having specific shoes are beneficial.  Netball season is just around the corner and there may be…
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Netball shoes – why they’re different to running shoes
Howdy folks, Luke Webster from Hunter Podiatry back once again! I’m here this time with a quick guide to netball shoes for the upcoming season, which isn’t too far away. Similar to running/walking shoes, there can be quite a lot of information or styles to siv through – so let me make it easy for you. This will be a…
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Road back to running – Recovering from a hip injury
Howdy folks, Luke from Hunter Podiatry Services here.  Are clinicians the worst patients? I guess we’ll find out over the next few weeks as I battle through a niggling hip problem. So to fill you in, here’s a quick back story. I was never a huge fan of running through my teens or early twenties but have recently found a…
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