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Quick FAQ’s about Orthoses from Gabby
Are Orthoses bad for my feet? Let’s debunk some of the claims! Short Answer: no, if used correctly.  There is a lot of information out on the internet at the moment as to whether orthotics (orthoses) weaken our muscles and will cause you all sorts of issues. There’s also a lot of information out there saying that they are magical…
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A Podiatrists guide to running shoes
Hi! I’m Luke, a Podiatrist at Hunter Podiatry Services. Let’s talk about shoes!  I’ve come from a long background of fitting running and walking shoes in and around the Newcastle area. Whether you’re a walker, plodder or gung-ho runner, we all need the right shoes to get us from A to B. I’ll cover a few of the main types…
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Pregnancy and Podiatry
As I sit here experiencing pregnancy myself, I realise I am a podiatrist experiencing some of the most common foot complaints I find myself treating on a daily basis! So below I  have put together some of those common foot issues and how you can try to manage them or how a podiatrist can help you get through your pregnancy…
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Preparation is key for Winter sport in 2021
Hi! My name’s Gabby and I’m a podiatrist at Hunter Podiatry Services. I’ve recently returned from a stint in Alice springs and have signed up to play AFL locally. As pre-season starts to get into action, practice matches are commencing and the first whistle nears, I felt it was important to remind us all the importance of injury prevention in…
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Help I think I have a bunion.
What is a Bunion and Who gets them? Bunions – or Hallux Abducto Valgus, the medical term – are those big bony lumps you may have seen just behind the big toe of your Grandmas feet (Sorry Gran). They appear when the bones begin to align abnormally and forces within the foot begin to push the big toe towards the…
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