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Current Positions Available: Full-Time Podiatrist

Do you love being a podiatrist? Do you love helping your community and working with people to help them achieve their health goals? Do you want to work with a team of like minded professionals that encourage you to be the best professional and personal version of yourself?

Hunter Podiatry is on the lookout for a passionate foot frother to join our team. We take pride in having an awesome team environment where you can feel safe to ask questions and develop your skills as a podiatrist. If this sounds appealing to you, keep reading…

More About The Team You Will Be Joining:

‘We take pride in helping people achieve their goals’
This is at the forefront of what we do each day with our patients in creating amazing experiences and striving for world class results.

As a company, we get the most satisfaction out of seeing our team grow and achieve their own goals personally and professionally. We understand this journey is different for everyone and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and open mindedness. Our job is to help you create the life that you really want and help hold you accountable to it. This is done through open and honest communication on a regular basis, coupled with some great structured planning.

As a team we hold to a few key Values:


We make it memorable

• We are genuine
• We are committed to living positively
• We go the extra mile so you can too
• We are happy when you’re happy


We Care

• We are committed to you
• We treat you like family
• We do what we say we are going to do
• We give selflessly


We are humble

• We put you first
• We are open minded
• We listen to understand, not to reply!


We Hustle

• We are relentless in the pursuit of your goals
• Our growth and development are key to your experience
• We get it done!

What to expect being part of the Team

You will be provided with a structured induction for your first 100 days with us. This program covers the 3 core growth ares to help you feel confident and part of our team:

  • Client experience
  • Personal mastery
  • Practice mastery

This will help you align with our expectations of each other, provide amazing experiences, encourage each other to be better and to become part of our tight knit group.

Click here for more details on our Induction process.

Stories From The Team

At Hunter Podiatry services I’ve expanded not only my podiatry knowledge and skills but also my life skills. Fortnightly sessions with my mentor have been a great opportunity to not only set professional goals, discuss cases and get advice on how to best help my patients, but also to help set personal goals which has helped me improve my ability to complete life admin and self care activities.

Being held accountable is only part of it, actually having someone to sit down and work out how to achieve personal or professional goals by putting simple steps in place has been valuable to me. In addition, having regular CPD sessions where either an internal team member or external person presents has taken a lot of stress out of the CPD process which I’ve struggled to stay on top of in the past. Learning in a small group environment with colleagues/friends is a great way to ask questions, share cases and learn from each other

Other Benefits Include:

Whether it be a focus on being the best clinician you can, work flexibility with a 3 or 4 day work week or be owning and running your own clinic one day Hunter podiatry offers defined career pathways to help you achieve your personal definition of professional success.

If you would like to submit a general employment enquiry, please complete the form below: