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  • Fungus in Skin and Toe Nails

    Most people turn to conventional over-the-counter ointments that are often expensive, yet ineffective. It is a fact that, without a podiatrist to remove the infected nail, r...

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  • Flat Feet

    The conditions that commonly result from flat feet include the following: At Hunter Podiatry Services, our podiatrists will perform a thorough foot posture and walking asses...

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  • Diabetic Feet

    Foot care for diabetic patients is essential for prevention and healing of wounds. Hunter Podiatry Services recommends the following: The Hunter Podiatry Services team of po...

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  • Smelly Feet

    When treating patients with Bromhidrosis, we often see small holes on the sole of the foot and around the heels. These small craters are parts of the skin that bacteria have...

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  • Shin Splints

    Shin pain is assessed and treated frequently at Hunter Podiatry Services. Each of our podiatrists is qualified and skilled in gait analysis, and in taking care of foot healt...

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  • Plantar Warts

    We have many years of concerted experience in treating plantar warts and any kind of foot warts. We have successfully eradicated warts by carefully removing the overlying de...

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