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Known as Bromhidrosis, smelly feet can be embarrassing. In the past, there were not many solutions available to help this conditions, however we now have several options to help lessen or eradicate smell.  Our team at Hunter Podiatry Services are the medical specialists for this job.

Smelly feet are caused when the feet sweat, or perspire. Perspiration does not have any odour. However, when sweat combines with naturally occurring bacteria living on the skin, the bacteria breaks down the perspiration and an unpleasant odour is emitted.

When treating patients with Bromhidrosis, we often see small holes on the sole of the foot and around the heels. These small craters are parts of the skin that bacteria have already consumed. Dead skin needs to be shaved off to lessen the amount of bacteria.

Smelly feet is a common condition that affects people who wear shoes for long periods, those who work in wet environments, smokers, and those with high levels of stress.

We offer many simple podiatry treatments to combat this problem. Our podiatrists will prescribe a plan for you to follow on a daily basis which will help to lessen the growth of bacteria, and thus reduce or eradicate the smell.