DO I HAVE PLANTAR FASCIOPATHY (plantar heel pain)?


What increases my risk of PLANTAR HEEL PAIN?

  • spike in training load (frequency, intensity and/or duration)
  • increase in weight
  • change in shoes
  • reduced ankle range of motion
  • standing occupation
  • running technique

“Are my feet tired from a big day wearing my sexy shoes at the races or have I got that plantarfaci-whatever they talk about? “

Plantar heel pain wears many masks and can present differently from person to person. Symptoms depend on what is the cause and what part of the anatomy is angry or injured.

The story we hear most is “when I get out of bed I feel like hot knives are stabbing me in the heel” 

For example, pain under the heel with rising from rest will most likely be your classic plantarfasciopathy or plantar fasciitis, but not always. 

Burning pain may suggest nerve injury/irritation, while a dull ache at night in bed may symbolise bone stress. As you can appreciate, treatment for each of these presentations is much different. 

Pain in the arch of a runner is very different to the heel pain a security guard suffers standing outside of the pub.

Our feet have 26 bones and 33 joints each, multiple muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, nerves and bursa, all of which can cause pain. You can appreciate how diagnosis can be complicated!

Podiatrists are the FOOT EXPERTS and know our foot anatomy.

We want to know what is ANGRY and why, then we can tailor a treatment plan to YOU.

Often  symptoms occur together and can fluctuate with time so be sure to make a mental note and let your podiatrist know as part of their assessment.  We use information about you, your activity, medical and injury history to understand the cause of your pain.

We combine this with an assessment of your gait and biomechanics, foot wear etc to help you get rid of this pain and do your best to avoid it again!

Keep your eyes peeled for these nasty signs because early and accurate diagnosis is the key to success with heel pain! 

Think you might have plantar heel pain?

Ask us all about it!

Darby, Podiatrist