Do your Child’s Feet Hurt?

Category: Podiatry
  • shutterstock_96137972Do they complain of foot or leg pain?
  • Do they often ask to be picked up?
  • Do they have instability issues or trip frequently?
  • Do they kick their shoes off before undoing their laces?
  • Does your child walk differently to other kids?

Recent research has revealed that certain foot types (flat feet or high arched feet) can predispose children to certain sports injuries and problems in later life. If you are concerned that your child’s feet does not look or function ‘normally’, then having an accredited Podiatrist assess your child’s feet may prevent problems in the future.

In essence:

  • Don’t ignore your child’s complaints regarding their sore feet or legs – it’s not normal.
  • Podiatrists are health specialists trained in assessing and treating feet, including children.
  • See your Podiatrist to answer all your concerns regarding your child’s feet.
  • Sorry, there is no cure to make them untie their shoelaces

Naturally you want your child to be strong and healthy and your podiatrist will lead you and your child to healthy feet. Those little developing feet will have to carry the entire weight of the body through a lifetime of standing, walking and running.