All of our practitioners are university trained. The podiatry qualification requires 4 years of full time theoretical study coupled with a minimum practical exposure of 1000 hours. Our podiatrists are all members of AHPRA and maintain a minimum of 20 hours per year of continued study and education. All practitioners are registered with the Australian Podiatry Board and are accountable to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

A General Practitioner referral to see one of our practitioners is only necessary if

  • You are a returned service veteran seeking treatment under a Gold or White card
  • You are seeking treatment under a work cover or third party insurance claim
  • Your Doctor has recommended treatment as part of a complex health care management program or Enhanced Primary Care Program

Podiatrists are qualified health professionals specialising in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders, medical and surgical conditions of the feet and the lower limbs. The Podiatrist’s scope of practice includes areas such as paediatrics, diabetes, sports injuries, structural problems, treatment of the elderly as well as general foot care.

The complex mechanics of feet (52 bones, a network of muscles, joints and ligaments) and a wide range of foot problems (over 200 identified conditions) demand professional expertise.

Please remember to bring any recent X-rays or scans you may have that relate to your complaint. If you have been recommended to see us by another health professional, any paperwork or letters from the referring practitioner relating to your complaint will help with your consultation. Ideally you should wear clothing you are comfortable in and that will allow our practitioners to easily assess your legs and feet.

Patients are able to claim back a rebate for their podiatry consultation only if their General Practitioner has enrolled them in an Enhanced Primary Care program and has registered their details with Medicare.

We do not bulk bill. We will provide you with a receipt of payment and if eligible you may take your receipt to Medicare for reimbursement.

Many patients are surprised at the lack of discomfort or pain involved in general treatment. Our practitioners employ non invasive techniques to afford you the upmost comfort and minimize pain.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a podiatrist

  • Are they registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency?
  • Do they provide on the spot claiming for private health funds saving you the time and hassle of chasing up your rebates?
  • Do they track and record all sterilization data in accordance with the Australian Infection Control Standards?
  • Are they Accredited practitioners committed to ongoing education ?
  • Do they offer short waiting lists so you can have your problem seen to and fixed quickly?