Feet Are the Foundation of the Body

Category: Podiatry

We all grow older and with that comes benefits like wisdom, experience and maturity. But unfortunately as we age so does our body and things can and do go ‘wrong’.  Getting older doesn’t have to mean being unprepared for potential health complications and just like you would visit your GP for a check-up, having regular preventative Podiatry consultations is worthwhile to detect such things as early onset diabetes which can afflict us as we age.

The foot is a complex structure made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles and tendons!

It has been estimated that the average person takes anything between 8,000/10,000 steps a day which in a lifetime, would carry you about 115,000 miles or roughly 4 times around the world!

With every step, around 1 ½ times your body’s entire weight lands on each foot, so is it any wonder that around 75% of us will have same foot related problems. Why is it however that only 2% seek any help?

With all this pressure, if your feet and legs aren’t aligned properly ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain or neck pain can result – sport performance can also be adversely affected.

Don’t leave your foot care to chance. A GP is great, but they aren’t trained to detect the potential foot problems that can afflict us (that’s why we have Podiatrists). A regular Podiatry check-up is just as critical as regular GP check-ups and often forgotten about. This is even more critical for us as we age. So ensure you or those you care about plan to visit your podiatrist regularly. They will tell you how often you need to visit, and ensure your feet stay as good as they can. At XXXXX Podiatry, we can perform aged care consultations in all our clinics, but we also have a specialist centre in Prahran from where we organise in home services for aged care.