Little Athletics is just around the corner

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As little Athletics season opens up we thought some simple tips and tricks to keep your kids happy and healthy are in order! As Podiatrists at HPS, we see a vast array of lower limb injuries at this time of year.

The fact is, running, jumping, landing and throwing place large demands and stresses on young, developing bodies and comes with a very real risk if injury.

This being said, we believe it is far more important that our children can participate and compete to the best of their abilities so that can be the best versions of themselves!


In this blog I’ll cover some of the most common injuries we see and what to look out for. Early diagnosis and intervention are key to limiting time off the track and to prevent long term problems.

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Heel pain/Severs Disease:

Inflammation of the spongy growth plate in the back of the heel. The growth plate is most unstable from about 8-15 years of age and both running and jumping place a large strain on the open growth plate.



Shin splints:


Shin splints is a generalised term for a few different injuries. Some are caused by bending forces in growing bones, others by errors in training/overtraining. The position of the feet and legs can increase risk of developing shin splints and so to can running technique! 




Runner’s knee/ Patello-femoral pain (PFJP):

Common in both boys and girls, PFJP or runner’s knee are terms for pain at the front of the knee around the knee cap.

The kneecap joint is often unstable and sensitive to overuse because of instability at a foot level and weakness around the core and hip muscles.  Effective treatment focuses on the hips, knees and the feet!




Shoes play a major role in track and field sports. Both comfort and performance are important to ensure kids participate and compete to the best of their ability, and become healthy and confident as they develop!

Traditional joggers offer good cushioning, support and comfort, though are both bulkier and heavier.

Specialist running shoes like waffles and spikes are designed for performance being light weight and low profile and with spike or studs for grip.

A specialty running store, like PURE PERFORMANCE, will be the best place as the staff will guide you through the process and find what’s best for you and your events.




As a busy parent, it’s difficult to know the difference between the general aches and pains of a cranky devil child and the “red flag” signs of a true injury.

Some examples of signs that could represent an injury are;

  • pain with rising from rest
  • Swelling, redness, changes in temperature
  • Persistent pain for more than 2 weeks
  • Pain at night
  • Unwillingness to compete/participate in events


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