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Hunter Podiatry is open! We also offer Telehealth appointments.

Did you know Hunter Podiatry offers online consulting? Video consults with your podiatrist are a fantastic way to manage your foot and lower-leg pain from your home. Online consultations are an efficient way for our Podiatrists to diagnose your problem, create an individualised treatment plan and work with you to get results.

Online consultations are a great way to  get you back on your feet following an injury or to help you manage your pain.

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What to expect

Once you have joined a video call for Podiatry online, the Podiatrist will ask you questions around your health, occupation, weekly routine etc before diving into the specifics of your injury/condition. With your help, we will use tests and exercises to work out exactly what is sore.

From there we can form a treatment plan specific to you and your needs. Footwear advice, tips and tricks, rehabilitation exercises and can organise a face-to-face consult if need be.