Dru Tonks

Dru Tonks


Meet Dru Tonks

Contact: Dru@hunterpodiatry.com.au

Focus Areas:

-Sports podiatry
-Complex musculoskeletal injuries

Dru has a broad knowledge base in the Podiatry field and always looking to improve! He has a wide sporting background and a special interest in helping people recover from injuries. Particularly the foot, ankle or knee. As well as injury rehabilitation, sports injuries and biomechanics, he is competent in all areas of Podiatry. The most important thing for him is helping others achieve their goals!

Outside of work Dru enjoys spending time with friends/family, refereeing Rugby Union, and enjoying a meal!

Dru was born and raised in Newcastle and had a 5 year stint in Tauranga, New Zealand, growing up.

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