Pain & Podiatry

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 “Pain is Australia’s third most costly health problem and arguably the developed world’s largest ‘undiscovered’ health priority.” – Professor Michael Cousins AM, Chair National Pain Strategy.

National Pain Week is on the 20th-26th July 2015

Podiatrists play a major role in managing painful foot conditions.  The majority of patients who present for foot care are motivated by a desire to eliminate or reduce a painful condition. In essence, we are pain management specialists, albeit in a very different way.

Your general health may adversely affect your feet. Some common examples are; diabetes, arthritis, poor circulation, stroke, and osteoporosis. In fact, your podiatrist may be the first to recognise a serious health problem from an examination of your feet.

If you live with pain we can help you understand it and manage it.

Foot pain has a multitude of causes. Your podiatrist can assess your problem, and treat it appropriately.