Podiatry consultation via video conference on your computer or phone in isolation/at home

In this uncertain time, we are looking for ways to bring health care to you. We have all been advised by our government to stay at home except for necessary exercise, shopping and medical appointments. Lower-limb pain will not take a break in these circumstances, but needs to be managed differently for the safety of all.


To provide quality care to our community and abroad in an uncertain time. Being able to care for those in isolation. 

Also, helps us reduce foot traffic (pardon the pun!) in our clinics.



  • Teleconference (online video meeting) with a podiatrist specialising in this area. 
  • 45 minutes for initial consultation, 30 minutes for a review 
  • Both at a REDUCED RATE (we are waiting for private health rebates coming soon)
  • enhanced primary care plan (EPC) rebates available
  • Work cover cases can access podiatry online


Obviously, there will be some elements of treatment we are unable to do over video. That said, there is a great deal we can! 

During an in-person consultation, Podiatrists take a thorough medical history. This includes subjective information including things like occupation, medications, exercise/training history, footwear, injury and surgical history and more. This can be done online. 

We then dive into the specifics of your pain/injury. This includes the nature of the pain (chronic/acute), location, duration, onset, characteristics, things that alleviate or aggravate it and your history of treatment so far, which can be attained through an online podiatry consult. 

Then we usually combine this information with our ‘hands on’ assessment. 

With video we have been able to think outside the square and maintain the majority of this information with some simple instructions. Footwear assessment, gait (walking) assessment, functional tests (eg standing calf raises).

The result is a provisional diagnosis- we then EDUCATE and provide a relevant TREATMENT PLAN.

That may include;

  • imaging (x-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, which we can send you a completed request form)
  • some advice on things to try at home (footwear, self-massage, self-taping)
  • Rehabilitation exercises and progression being creative with what’s around the home
  • We are also able to provide things that may help; wedges, supportive garments, moon boots, supportive insoles etc

This makes Podiatry Online a viable and important tool in healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Podiatry online is very new and constantly evolving to reduce the burden on our healthcare system and keep people as happy and healthy as possible during this tough time. 

When you make an appointment you will receive a confirmation email with all you need to know.

If you would like to know more or even talk to one of our Podiatrists who will be doing Podiatry Online, please contact us! 1800 MYFEET (1800 693338).