Pregnancy and Podiatry

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As I sit here experiencing pregnancy myself, I realise I am a podiatrist experiencing some of the most common foot complaints I find myself treating on a daily basis! So below I  have put together some of those common foot issues and how you can try to manage them or how a podiatrist can help you get through your pregnancy comfortably.

  Most common foot complaints during pregnancy:

  • Dry, cracked heels
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Heel pain
  • Arch pain


How can a Podiatrist help:

  A lot of the complaints women have with regard to their feet during pregnancy occur due to the additional weight carried. This additional weight see’s a lot more pressure and       stress placed on our feet and legs.

  Dry, cracked heels:

  • A cream/balm specific for the heels is the best option for skin which is dry or cracked on the feet. A urea based heel balm is safe to use, something which has 25% Urea or greater is ideal. Should you still be struggling to get on top of those splits in the heels, book a consult with a podiatrist and we can help remove the hard skin on your heels to allow for the creams to soak in and work much better!

  Ingrown Toenails:

  • The shift in weight and those pesky hormones can see changes to the shape of our nails and also the skin surrounding our nails. Ingrown toenails are best managed by a podiatrist if they become problematic, it might mean cutting them slightly different or regular maintenance appointments with a podiatrist until baby is born. In most cases this issue will resolve once you’ve had baby. 

  Heel pain/Arch pain

  • Probably the most common complaint during pregnancy! On average pregnant women gain 10-15kg in weight, sometimes more (especially if you’re blessed with twins or triples!!); we also see ligament laxity start to occur as our bodies prepare for little bubba to enter the world. When this occurs we see a huge increase in the pressure placed through our feet. Ensuring you have super supportive and cushioned shoes is a must and if this is not enough to give you relief consulting a podiatrist for alternate treatment options is always best, especially if you’re wanting to remain active. There are many interventions we can use to make sure you’re comfortable 
  • Fun fact to note is that it is not uncommon to see yourself go up a shoe size after pregnancy! Due to ligament laxity and soft tissue structures in the feet stretch and elongate resulting in a longer foot.

 There are many issues which can arise during pregnancy when it comes to your feet and legs, so why not leave it to the foot experts at Hunter Podiatry to help keep you   comfortable and enjoying your pregnancy, whilst also keeping you active as long as possible to ensure you’re feeling happy and healthy when your beautiful bundle arrives. 

Feel free to contact our clinic with any questions or book an appointment with one of our podiatrists.