Orthotics or Orthoses are an in shoe device that supports or influences the foot in order to alter foot function. With so many different styles of orthoses it can be very difficult for the general public to know what their specific needs are when deciding on an orthotic.

Soft vs Hard, full length vs ¾ length, Custom made vs off the shelf; These are the many parameters that must be taken into account when deciding on the correct device to fix your lower limb complaint.

Custom Foot Orthoses Brochure

Hunter Podiatry Services - Custom Orthotics

The podiatrist’s at Hunter Podiatry Services follow a structured framework to ensure you are fitted with the correct device for your complaint all of the time.

A Structured Framework

Firstly we Diagnose your condition. This may involve a combination of clinical tests or examinations, gait analysis, pressure analysis, X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI’s, CT scans or bone scans. By correctly diagnosing your problem we are halfway to getting you back on your feet.

We then assess your biomechanics and gait. This process takes into account such factors as weight, activity, foot type, flexibility, occupation, lifestyle and age. This allows us to customise the therapy specifically to your needs. No two feet are ever exactly the same so this assessment process is critical in determining the style and type of orthotic specific for your needs.

Prescription – similar to spectacles, the prescription process in orthotic therapy is crucial. Whilst two devices may look exactly the same the function of the device may differ considerably. The podiatrists in depth knowledge of how the foot functions and how this function may affect the rest of the musculoskeletal system allows the practitioner to specifically prescribe an orthotic to optimise your foot posture and enhance your lower limb function. This process may also include other treatment modalities such as stretching, strengthening, proprioceptive retraining, footwear advice, activity modification and more if the practitioner finds underlying weakness or compensations in your lower limb assessment.

The next process involves fitting you with your orthoses. This process requires the practitioner to review your gait with the orthotic and with a range of your everyday footwear. Adjustments may be made to fully optimise your foot function.

The review process allows us to make sure you are getting better. Generally if you are encountering continued problems or are slow to respond to our treatment we will modify your treatment program to suit. Some of our orthotics come with a money back guarantee, so if for some reason you are unhappy with the devices at this review we will refund you the cost of your device*

*conditions apply speak to your podiatrist.