Cobra9 Custom Cycling Orthotics

Power to Perform. Orthotics for Cycling cleats

Hunter Podiatry Services has partnered with Australian Orthotic manufacturer Cobra9. Designed and manufactured by an Australian Podiatrist and cyclist, Cobra9 cycling orthotics provide the rider with unmatched customisation and comfort.

A core made from carbon. Light and stiff = Maximum strength minimal flex.

Cobra9 utilises market leading carbon fibre that is no greater than 1.5mm thick. The structure of the carbon allows maximum strength, minimal flex and practically no space occupation.

A Size 43 Cobra9 orthotic weighs in around 37 grams. Important in a rotational weight context. A standard full length orthotic weighs in over 90 grams.

Harnessing biomechanical knowledge to maximise comfort and performance

The foot was not designed for cycling. It tends to distort and twist through the pedal stroke due to midfoot movement required for walking. In addition the foot needs a greater surface area to provide improved comfort and power transfer through the pedal stroke.

Cobra9 Pro devices are custom made to your foot. The profiles of the shell are a mirror image of the foot. This means improved translation of power from the foot to the pedal and most importantly improved comfort.

All devices are handmade in Australia. All shell modifications and plaster impression adjustments are performed by podiatrists with over 20 years combined experience in sports orthotics and their manufacture. We know feet, we know cycling.

Cycling Specific

Unlike the vast majority of conventional orthotics manufactured for walking and running, Cobra9 orthotics are specific to the mechanics of cycling and cycling shoes. This principle aims to minimise peak foot pressures which lead to hotspots, blistering and reduced comfort.

Why the shift from Solestar to Cobra9?


Comfort. After fitting and supplying solestar for the past 3 years we believe the Cobra9 product is unrivalled for rider comfort. Due to the unique casting and customisation process (which is a specific and patented process) the riders feet and any abnormalities are specifically accommodated.

Visit the Cobra9 website for more information