Diabetic Management

Diabetes is a national health concern with the disease affecting Australians in epidemic proportions.

Type II Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease with 215 Australians being diagnosed with the disease daily. By the end of 2010 Diabetes Australia expects the total number of Australians affected by diabetes to exceed 1.8 Million and over 3000 Australians will undergo amputations as a result of their disease. Diabetes Australia recommends at least 1 review annually by a qualified podiatrist to assess your foot health status.

Our practitioners will be able to highlight any risks you may be predisposed to and which in many cases you may be unaware of. Our Neurological and Vascular Assessments utilize Doppler ultrasound blood flow technology along with other diagnostic tests to determine the health of your lower limb blood flow and nerve supply.

Information about your foot health and diabetic risk category is then shared with your general practitioner or diabetic specialist for a collaborative health care approach. Your podiatrist will also recommend specific individualised management strategies in the attempt to minimise your risk of lower limb diabetic complications.