Fungal Nails & Laser Therapy

The most effective fungal treatment

Hunter Podiatry Services has teamed with Laser Nail Technologies to bring the people of Maitland and The Hunter an exciting new treatment in the fight against unsightly fungal nails.

Fungal nail disease; Medically referred to as Onychomycosis, is a common nail condition affecting up to 14% of the adult population. The nail condition results in discoloured, thickened and sometimes painful toenails.

Traditionally the treatment for Onychomycosis required either the daily application of messy paints or tinctures or the prescription of oral antifungals which often have unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects. Both treatments are only marginally effective, with research suggesting a success rate of less than 40% clearance.
Hunter Podiatry Services – Fungal Nails and Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a relatively new modality in the fight against fungal nail infections. Hunter Podiatry Services offers a 1064 Yag laser, currently considered the most effective laser in the treatment against fungal nail conditions. Current studies have concluded that the 1064 yag laser results in a success rate of up to 80% clearance after 1 treatment.

Laser therapy is quickly becoming the treatment of choice in managing fungal nail conditions as it offers a higher success rate, fewer side effects and greater convenience when compared to conventional treatment.

During the treatment a laser beam will pass across the affected nail bed. The laser produces heat beneath the nail and patients report a warm sensation during the procedure which generally takes between 1-4 minutes per nail. Following the procedure you are able to return to normal daily activities with no need for the daily application of paints or the need for taking daily prescription medication.