Severs Disease

Category: Podiatry

Severs disease is a common cause of heel pain, particularly in the young and physically active. It usually develops just before puberty. Boys are slightly more prone to this condition than girls.


The good news is that this heel pain in children is very simple to treat and children usually respond very quickly to treatment once treatment of Severs disease commences.

Treatment of Severs disease does NOT require surgery. This foot condition responds very well to conservative treatment within a matter of weeks.

You should not encourage them to exercise or exercise through pain as this could cause further damage.

Your Podiatrist will assist in diagnosing the injury and the extent of the damage. From this, they will develop a management plan which may include rest or activity modification, soft tissue treatment such as massage and stretching, correction of biomechanics through heel raises or orthoses and the progression through a series of specific strengthening exercises.