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Children’s feet are complex structures. They differ from adults feet as the immature bone structure results in the child’s foot being highly flexible and soft. This often results in children having a flat foot during the early stages of walking. However, the immature foot undergoes various stages of development as the child grows. There may be cause for concern if your child remains flat-footed.

You should contact us if...

  • Your child complains of tired or sore legs and/or feet
  • You or a family member notice something “different” in the way your child walks
  • Your child isn’t walking at 18 months
  • Your child trips over or falls a lot compared to children of the same age

Never dismiss your child’s consistent complaints as “growing pains.”

They may be signs of abnormal foot and leg problems. In most cases the earlier a child’s problem is diagnosed and treated the easier and more successful the treatment will be.