STEIGEN socks review

Category: Wellness


We all have them. Can’t live without them…and even when they get holes or stretch and just don’t fit, we still can’t find the strength to toss them. At PURE PERFORMANCE we know how important socks are!

These days you might find people running around in an unfamiliar name – STEIGEN

Steigen…Pronounced (Sty-gen) has some of the best socks anybody can run, walk, hop, skip or swim in. They are super light, ridiculously thin – almost like stockings, and they are completely seamless. But the kicker is…ready…No  blister guarantee! Whhaaaat?!?

So who are the geniuses behind such sorcerery? Believe it or not, they’re athletes, in fact it was an Australian Representative from Geelong Melbourne who just couldn’t find the right pair, so decided to make his own.


Now with all that…are they any good to run in? Well, Yes. It’s all in the ingredients – nothing heavy, nothing absorbing. The stretchy material shapes and hugs any foot without being stuffy. This allows a custom fit essentially. The strategic mesh vents allow maximum breathability reducing moisture. The moment you slip on a shoe the sock dissolves…you can’t feel it, yet you are protected and supported.

Don’t believe me. Try it yourself. There is absolutely no risk…except…maybe…they will become your new favourite.

Nathan Lawrence, Pure performance

Pure Performance stock Steigen socks in many colours and style at each of their locations; Maitland, Warner’s Bay and Newcastle. Find more info HERE

Sizes: Unisex 5-12 (Not available in Kids)
Lengths: No show to Full Length
Materials: Microfiber Nylon/Lycra
100% No Blister Guarantee