Surviving Christmas

Category: Podiatry

Christmas in Australia can means lots of outdoor activities and open-toed shoes. And let’s face it — neglected feet and toes are not a pretty sight. Crowded stores, long line-ups, and spending hours on your feet can make holiday shopping a chore, rather than a joy. So this Christmas, why not make it an altogether less stressful experience?


Comfort first when it comes to holiday shopping

Walking around from store to store for hours can be hard on the feet, resulting in aching and soreness, so always ensure that you wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes before embarking on a long shopping trip. For additional comfort, try wearing cushioning, shock-absorbing insoles. If feet feel tired and in need of refreshment after a long day, use a foot & leg lotion to give them an instant lift.


Dance the night away at the Christmas party, but spare a thought for your feet!

The party season can play havoc with your feet, so after a night of dancing in high heels, try soaking your feet for 10 minutes in invigorating foot bath when you get home. And to make sure feet feel as good as new the morning after, smooth on an overnight foot cream before going to bed. Your feet will soon feel soft, revitalized and ready for another night of partying!

Never, ever cut your cuticles! They help keep germs away from your skin and nails.

Foot Rub

Those new yellow wedges look stunning with your sundress, but by the end of the day, your feet are asking you, “why do you torture us so?!” Show them some love by giving yourself a foot rub — all you need is a golf or tennis ball. Sit in a chair and rub the ball from your heel up to your toes, spending extra time massaging the tight areas. Take deep breaths while you roll to help oxygenate and relax your muscles. Then switch to the other foot.