DO I HAVE PLANTAR FASCIOPATHY (plantar heel pain)?
  What increases my risk of PLANTAR HEEL PAIN? spike in training load (frequency, intensity and/or duration) increase in weight change in shoes reduced ankle range of motion standing occupation running technique “Are my feet tired from a big day wearing my sexy shoes at the races or have I got that plantarfaci-whatever they talk about? “ Plantar heel pain…
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Hunter Podiatry Services - Heel Pain and Shock Wave Therapy
What can I do at home for my Heel Pain?
Words By Sam Cook Heel pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint that Podiatrists treat. There are multiple sites over the heel where chronic pain can develop. In this blog, we will focus on Plantar Fasciitis (pain under the base of the heel) and current treatment methods. It is estimated that up to 10% of the population will experience Plantar Fasciitis,…
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