The 2020 Netball shoe review



More options seems to be the netball shoe theme for 2020!! New colours, new features and another brand stepping up their game when it comes to the netball shoe market.

As Asics celebrate 20 years of dominating the market when it comes to making top notch netball shoes, Mizuno has decided this year to take the court, offering more styles than ever. In the past few years, Mizuno have dabbled in the netball shoe market but have not quite broken the hold Asics continued to have on netball shoes. 

Is this the year Asics have some healthy competition??

Brands aside, it is really important to ensure your feet are comfortable when you step onto the court. For athletes who play the game it is so important that they are in a netball specific shoe. Regular, every day joggers are not designed to deal with the constant stop/start motion of netball and do not provide adequate support for the foot. This places netballers at a higher risk of ankle, leg, knee or hip issues. Having netball specific support and cushioning under foot in this high impact game is a great way to reduce the risk of injury. 

When it comes to choosing netball shoes start by having some idea what you like to feel from your netball shoe….


Support at the ankle?


Feel more like a jogger?

Does it need to fit orthotics or ankle guards?

These simple questions help narrow down your selection. 

Another important consideration is your playing surface. Asphalt is much more unforgiving than floorboards, so for asphalt surfaces consider a shoe with Gel cushioning, the Asics range are quite well equipped for this. Floor board/indoor courts will have a slight amount of give in the flooring upon landing and for this reason you can sometimes opt for a shoe with no Gel in the sole, which in turn will open you up to lighter shoes options. However, with most netballers being quite heavy landers, Gel cushioning in the sole of netball shoes can be a nice option for all. 

What position you play can be considered for shoe selections. Sometimes midcourters like a shoe which feels more like a lightweight jogger as they do lots of running throughout a game, while a shooter might like a well cushioned shoe due to a lot more jumping and landing; and a defender may want something lightweight but supportive due to lots of running and change of direction. 

Lastly ensure you have ample space for your toes in your shoes. When you land in netball your toes tend to splay and as result many people end up with lots of pressure placed on the toes. Ill fitting shoes will lead to blistering, ingrown toenails or loss of nails. Asics offer many of their styles in wider fitting options.

Try to consider some of the above prior to heading out netball shopping, it’s VERY easy to get caught up in what’s the prettiest colour or the coolest pattern available or even which brand to go with. Your overall comfort is key. Make sure to take any accessories which you normally need in a game ie: orthotics or ankle guards, this will ensure you feel the shoe like you would in a game. 

Good luck for 2020 netballers!!