Do you find yourself cringing at the thought of wearing open toed shoes due to unsightly nails??

Have an event coming up and you desperately want to wear those shoes?

As podiatrists, we see ALL types of nails. The good the bad and the UGLY. We understand this can be a real cause of embarrassment for some.

Nails which have been affected by fungal nail, psoriasis, trauma or are in general disfigured can take years to improve.

But there is a temporary solution!

Here at Hunter Podiatry we have employed the use of a nail restoration system called KERYFLEX

This incredible technology enables us to apply a resin that is artificially bonded to remaining nail to create a realistic looking nail plate.



The resin allows us to create a flexible, non porous nail plate which allows for the real nail to continue to grow. The nail is durable and is not affected by nail polish, acetone or detergents. That means you can paint them and it can last a couple of MONTHS!

In one appointment we are able to change the appearance of nails and increase your ability to feel comfortable and confident wearing those open toed shoes.

If you’d like more information regarding KeryFlex or would like to know if this treatment is an option for you, contact the clinic and ask to talk to JESSICA the Keryflex guru.