Ankle sprains…….Who saw Tony Finau’s ankle give way at the US Masters overnight? Below is a short clip for all of you who didn’t

Ankle sprains are common. One of the most common injuries sustained on the sporting field. But who should you see if you sprain your ankle?

Being podiatrists we are a little biased when it comes to who we think you should see. but lets break down some of the facts.

  • Podiatrist’s receive the most intensive training and education on the anatomy of the foot and ankle at an undergraduate level of any allied health profession. Understanding anatomy is key in obtaining a clear diagnosis and establishing a prognosis (how bad is it and when can I get back to sport) of the injury
  • Podiatrists receive the most intensive undergraduate training and education on the mechanics and function of how the foot and ankle works. Understanding Biomechanics and function are key to preventing further ankle sprains
  • Podiatrist’s scope of practice doesn’t extend past the lower limb. We spend all day looking at feet, watching people walk and understanding how feet work.

So what would a podiatrist do for a patient that presented to our clinic after suffering an acute ankle injury? First of all we would obtain a clear diagnosis of what tissue is injured and how badly the tissue is injured. Once we have established a clear diagnosis and ruled out any major bone or muscle damage we would get started on the early (phase I) rehabilitation protocol.

Have a look at our suggested early treatment protocol (phase 1) below

Phase I:

      Goal: Maintain / facilitate range of motion + reduce oedema/swelling + promote uniformed laying down of organised scarring > reduce reinjury rate + improve return to activity time

    • Range of motion exercises 
      • Passive (we move the ankle joint)
      • Active (you move the ankle joint)
      • Non Weight bearing
      • Weight bearing
    • Isometric ankle strengthening
    • Windscreen wipers
    • Self-massage
    • Mobilisations and taping
    • Balancing double leg/single leg/eyes shut/eyes/closed
    • Taping

In coming weeks we will put up a video explaining exactly what we mean by the above treatment. If you or any one you know have recurring ankle injuries or have suffered a ankle sprain recently contact the clinic today on 49336450